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Chuck McQuien

My name is Chuck (Charles William)McQuien.
I recognize a lot of the names and places here.
I am fairly sure you are dealing with McQuiens, not the McQueens.
I have had my DNA checked, and we are not related to McQueens.
They are Viking, we are Celtic.
I believe the Celtic spelling is MhicCuithien.
A lot of the original McQuiens changed the spelling of their name after the Jacobite rebellion and then coming to America.
Not sure about the S.Carolina connection, but the Mississippi and the East Felicianna McQueens also show up as McQuiens multiple times.
I can go Back to John D. McQuien in 1781 in N.C. and then the family moving down to Georgia and then after the war over to southern Alabama, finally drifting down into Florida around 1900.
(Texas since the 1960's....)
I always wanted to find a connection to Don Juan (read the book), but I can't make it work...
Anyway, let me know if you need more info, there is also the McQuien family tree at

Take Care,

Chuck McQuien


Hi Chuck! I'm sorry it took so long to respond.

The South Carolina connection comes from a family bible, transcribe for the DAR. It lists that Ann McQueen was born in Edgefield, and I did find her father's estate records in that district. I also recently ordered another record from the DAR (I hope it gets here soon!).

Thank you so much for the heads up! I will look into the McQuiens, too!

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