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Jeanie Hale Martz

Sarah Ann Rose Richards did have a sister named Rachel Rose. I was told by my grandmother that she died young.I am not sure what she meant by "young." Perhaps R.E. Rose is Rachel. Jeanie H. Martz

Jimmy Richards

The W.L.Richards born in 1852 age 18, you are referring to in the 1870 Census, is most likely William Alexander Richards, Jr Born in 1862 age 8. This is probably a transcription error. Also, The J. E. Richards is likely, James Emery Richards born in 1857. William and James mother was Sofroney Gilmore,Sarah would have been their step-mother. C.A. Richards listed on the 1870 census, is Sarah's son Clarence Addice Born Oct 1896 (10 Mouth old) @ time of census. The R.E. Rose Born Abt 1853 Age 17 is likely Rachel Sarah's sister.

Jimmy Richards

I made an error on C. A. Richards birth date, it is suppose to b October 1869(not 1896)

Stephanie @ Digging Up Your Family

Hi Jimmy!

After writing this post I had gone on to adding those people to my tree. I should really do an update! I was mainly following my line, but it's always great to meet another Richards cousin! There are so many of us!

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