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Kathy Wiford

I also have kept my POW bracelet with Wendell Alcorn's name inscribed. I also saved, after all these years, a photo printed in our local newspaper in 2-1973 of LtCdr Alcorn greeting his aunt upon his return to the USA. It is unfortunate so many other lives were lost.


Hi Kathy! I'm sorry I am just now responding! That's fantastic that you still have the bracelet! I will pass that on to my mom!

wendy eline

I also still have my POW MIA bracelet with LCDR ALCORNS name on it I would like to know if he is still living and send him my thanks for serving our country.


Hi Wendy! As far as I know he is still living, however I haven't been able to find him yet to speak with him. As soon as I do I will direct him to you comment!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading!

Michael Alcorn

Wendell Alcorn lives near Asheville, NC. I don't have an exact address. My Dad is his first cousin.


It's great to meet you, Michael! And thank you for the information!

Doug Mickelson

To Michael Alcorn...I was "Ray's" tax advisor for a number of years. Upon my retirement, I lost contact with him, and I really would like to contact him. Any advice as to how I could accomplish that would be most appreciated.

Doug Mickelson, CPA retired


I'm still looking, Doug! :)


I returned Lt. Commander Alcorns bracelet to his family as many people were doing after the prisoners returned home. I received a lovely thank you letter from his family.
Most of the women in my office wore POW bracelets. When I came in the morning after the POW's came home they were all screaming that "my POW" was the only one who came home and they were all excited for me. I was struck by their generosity at being happy for me rather than sad that the POW's whose bracelet they wore did not.
After reading various websites today, I am happy to see that he had a successful naval career and long life.


Thank you for finding my blog, Mar. And thank you so much for sharing your story!

Shari Eichman

I just watched the Vietnam story on TV, got me thinking about my POW/MIA bracelet I wore all the time many years ago. I still remember his name. LCDR Wendall Alcorn. So I got online and found this blog. Wow!! I never knew he made it out, was thrilled to tears. I just can't imagine why I never looked before now. He is 77 years young. Just wanted him to know I thought of him daily back then. Looked at his name always and wondered. I graduated in 1973, my boyfriend, soon to be husband was on the draft list. Was so glad the war ended. And now to know that LCDR Alcorn made it home to his family. So can put my bracelet away again but this time as a happy ending to a long overdue story. May God Bless You and Yours LCDR Alcorn, Shari L Eichman

Stephanie @ Digging Up Your Family

Hello Shari! I'm glad you found that he made it. It's very sad for those who did not.


Michael Alcorn

If you'd like to send a card to Captain Alcorn, you can do so at: 1788 Eagle Lake Dr, Brevard, NC 28712. He has been experiencing some significant health issues for a while. Your prayers are appreciated.

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