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Bruce Ramsdell

Thank you for your blog. I am a member of BFA. I am trying to figure out exactly my relation to Jack Bondurant. I will use info you have given me to do so.

I'm thinking maybe the movie will cause an increase in BFA membership.

Have you read Mary Warren's Bondurant Books?

Bruce Ramsdell


Hi! Thank you and Welcome to my blog!

What is your line back to Jean Pierre? Are you going to the meeting in Bedford this year? (look at me asking so many questions!) This will be the first year for my mom and I to go. I wish we had more to take with us to share with everyone, but it seems as though everything, photos and all, disappeared.

I think it's interesting that so many Bondurant descendents live in Georgia. We're down in Henry County!

Nathaniel Chaffin

Im related to Sarah Bondurant she married Reginald Butts in 1821. She was Jean Pierre's great great grandaughter. We live in Arkansas . I saw an article about Matt's book when it was coming out and noticed those Bondurants were from the same county Sarah was from and could not find a connection anywhere until you said Jean Pierre. I have very little information on the line before Jean Pierre Sr. But I do have names couple of round about death dates and jobs back in France all the way to Jean Pierre Sr. Great great great grandad Antoine died around 1570 if you want the information. Thanks! I'll join the BFA too now that I know about it!


I'm glad you found my blog and help with your Bondurants! There is a Bondurant Family Association family reunion in a couple of weeks in Bedford, Virginia. It will be our first time attending, but we are excited! The BFA also has a Facebook page at!/groups/142740453048/?fref=ts, so if you're on Facebook you should join there, too.
Feel free to share any information you please on the Bondurant!


Hello all! I have a quick question. I am travelling to the USA in April and my route takes me straight through Virginia! The main reason for this is my passion for the Bondurants story! Now the problem is, I cant find anywhere on Google that gives you any information on where Forest and Jack lived? The bar they ran? (where forest had his throat slit), where they made the moonshine, no geographical locations seem to be available as a physical location? SOMEONE HELP?? Thank you, Stu


Hello my name is James Vance BONDURANT Jr
I believe I'm the great grandson of Benjamin Howard BONDURANT. However all I get from my aunts uncles and used to get from my grandma were fables until I saw that movie and begun to believe some of the things we say to one another and the phrases that are even in Matts book just hit too close to home. I know I may just simply be hoping more than being realistic but the past would explain why they kept it all secret

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