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Is there any more info on who this Blackie Baker is, this is all very interesting.

Jerry Baker

Hi. Met you at SHS. I think we are related somehow. I have much family spread throughout Tennessee. Most immediate are south of your hometown throughout what is called west Tennessee and Alcorn county,MS.*Interesting fact* I am also related to Elvis as my grandmother (mothers mom) was a Presley! Will probably see you at work but you can email me @ see ya...cuz (what a small world) Oh, A few years back I ran into some more Bakers in Ypsilanti that were from Savanah, Tn. Although I have many relatives in that area, I did not know there family. But I am sure there are somehow related. What a small world!!


Hi Jerry! I will make sure that Theresa gets this message and your email! She will be excited!

Bailey Foote

Geneva Mai "Polly" Willhite is my great grandmother!


That is fantastic! There is a group on Facebook called Humphreys County TN (Now & Then), if you are interested in more about the area. Several of our Willhite descendants are there :)

susan shaffer

i was searching melungeon and this school photo was amongst them. I bothered to take a closer look and recognised the name Willhite. I am in Australia and am dependent on other people's work to some extent. Maybe there are errors. I have family with name Wiloit that were in Virginia. They migrated and according to another person's tree the spelling changed to Willhite. If this is accurate then we must be distantly related.

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