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Thelma Dixon

Uncle Rich ( Richard ) last name was Roberts...Not Robards....


Ah, on the paper it looks like Robards. Thanks for the correction!

Linda L. Latham

Linda Lou Moore . That's Me. I have Granny Vincent's Family Bible. My Uncle Pete (Herbert Neasher Moore) gave it to me. I am looking for a picture of my uncle Basil Leon Moore. He was killed in action in Germany. There is a Headstone for him in the Whitfield Family Cemetery in White Plains for him but he is not there. Linda


What a great site. You have lots of interesting information here. (By the way, I am descended from Sallie M Stringer, daughter of Gray and Elizabeth).

I corresponded once with a lady who said she had seen a Vincent Family Bible and found a death date of 2/16/1895 for William Bowman. I'm not sure if you're talking about the same Vincent Bible here, but I'm hopeful that you are since it's the same area (Muhlenburg/McLean county) and some of the same family members. The connection to William Bowman is that one of William's daughters married a Vincent, I believe.

Can either of you confirm this information? Even better, if this is the correct Bible, and you find William Bowman, could you send me a photo of the record?? That would be wonderful! My email address is I look forward to hearing from you!


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