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Carol BonDurant Sloan

I am Carol BonDurant Sloan. My father was George Everett BonDurant. My grandfather was William Raleigh Bondurant. Any leads I could follow to find the connection between Wm Raleigh and Jean Pierre Bondurant?


Carol, yes! I can help you! If you look onthe right side under More Great Places To Dig there's a link to the Bondurant Family Association. They also have a Facebook page. It would be great if you joined! They can help you find your connection! I will also send you an email just in case you don't see this!

Bill Beavers

I am a descendant of the Bundrum family which was part of the Bondurant family--My great grandfather was Jacob (Jake) Bundrum and is buried at Friendship Primitive Baptist Church, Paulding County Ga. I live in SC, but have cousins by the dozens down in georgia--


Hi Bill! I will send you an email!

Tara Lanning

Hello Stephanie!

I am really thrilled to have found your site. It is quite frustrating when I could not find much information and a single picture of Jean-Pierre Bondurant. This is such a new exciting damily branch that I currently looking into! Thank you for the link to the Bondurant Family Association, I am definitely going to jump in! I hope we can get in touch with each other about this. It is such a pleasure to have found a long lost distant relatives. Thank you!



Hi Tara! It's always great to meet new cousins! I'm glad I could help, and thank you for find my blog :)

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