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Joe Kelly

Even if we don't share a bloodline, we share many similar experiences. Particularly the silent replies. People who you might be interested in contacting and they have not the decency to reply.
However keep up the good work, it pays off in the end.
Joe Kelly


Thank you! Through perseverance I have managed to find a lot of information without the help of others. However, it sure would be nice to be able to share information back and forth! Dates and places are one thing, but stories that peole have are what is the most important, you know? :)


Wendellyn Plummer

Hi, My name is Wendellyn Plummer. I am related to the Joseph and Elizabeth Pitt family through my mother's, father's side of the family. I too, started in 2010, after a foot surgery had me at home for several months. We are probably related, perhaps distantly. I have had my DNA done on both Ancestry and Family Tree. If you would like to contact me or look at my tree on ancestry you are more than welcome. I am still pretty much a novice but I am still learning.


Hi Wendellyn! I will send you an email! I would love to compare our DNA and see your tree!


Welcome to the Geneabloggers family!


Thank you! I can't wait to dive into and read everyone's genealogy blogs!

Anne Bell

Look at the ebay listing for Dr Blossers in a gunmetal case

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