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Stephanie,So glad you found this info.....I barely remember my Dad talking about his Aunt Ader,but the other names were new to me!
I know there have to be more relatives out there that have no idea about all of us either...You are doing and amazing job digging all this up!!!
I loved the way you wrote about Grandpa and the bedspread!!!
KEEP up the wonderful job your doing with all this,when i remember other stories,I will absolutely let you know!!!

Linda (Moore) Latham

I have the vincent family bible that my uncle pete gave me. He is the grandson of Martin Rily and Lucy Johnson Breedlove.His mother is Flo Ella Vincent married to Tiny Herbert Moore. The bible was bought and given to her by her daughter Flo Ella Christmas 1955.Pete's name is Herbert he got the name "Pete" when someone asked mamaw if she gave birth to a girl like she was hoping for , she said no I got another pete .

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