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Linda (Moore) Latham

In Lucy Johnson Breedlove's family it it recorded they were married in ths home of the grooms parents home in Depoy,Mulenberg,Ky. By Rev. Mc Clearin I think his parents names were Isaac T. Vincent and Emma Stewart. This is Lucy's bible which her daughter ,Flo Ella gave her Christmas,1955.


Hi Linda!
You actually sent me photocopies of the Bible, which I transcribed on this blog. You had also send me a photo copy of a picture of a woman in front of a house asking if I knew who she was. After searching around I discovered that she is Emmie Stewart, Isaac T Vincent's wife. I emailed you back, but I didn't know if you received that message.

Linda (Moore) Latham

I have no way of contacting scooter, my granddaughter needed a 3 ring binder and took the one I was using as an address book apart and through out all my addresses I had been gathering for 6 years or longer. My question is this,What is the name of the song,tune Granny Lucy use to hum? Linda

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